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Surveillance is performed in a discreet and professional fashion, documenting a subject’s activities using the latest equipment available.  Our unique and intelligent approach to each situation is both effective and cost efficient.  From miniature pinhole cameras to high-powered long-range video cameras, we are equipped to handle a variety of surveillance situations in nearly all environments.  Surveillance is our specialty, and we combine experience, innovation, the latest equipment and technology to create the most effective service possible.  In our years of operation, we have conducted surveillances under some of the most unusual circumstances.  We have well equipped surveillance vehicles.  Surveillance can be memorialized with still or video documentation through the use of regular cameras, covert video and audio along with wireless video and audio.


Insurance Fraud, Workers Compendation / Disability Investigations.

Investigation of a subject’s current activities as related to his or her present medical condition and alleged physical impairments is a vital tool to determine further file strategy.  We perform such investigations in a thorough manner through interview with a claimants’ neighbors, and other sources of information.  We construct an overview of what a claimant’s current activities appear to be in relationship to their alleged impairment.  When it is indicated that a claimant’s activities may exceed his or her alleged restriction, or the subject’s activities are not consistent with their alleged impairment, surveillance is recommended.  We report our findings in a clear and concise fashion, and also include our professional recommendations to further assist you in determining your possible options.


Investigations into the background of a subject is performed by utilizing numerous computer databases and other sources available to this agency.  Areas of investigation included but are not limited to address histories, criminal records, civil filings, marriage records, previously reported workers compensation injuries, professional licenses, and many other relevant facts pertaining to an individual.  Research and investigation can be comprehensive and all encompassing or focused to a particular issue.  This agency currently performs pre-employment investigations for schools, state agencies, businesses and industries.  In today's environment it is becoming more crucial to verify cerdentials, employment, acquaintances, business partners and others before becoming more involved with them.


For more specialized services such as investigation into internal or employee theft, missing persons, or other non-insurance related investigations, please contact us for an individualized consultation at no cost.  We can provide a operatives under certain circumstances.  All cases are considered on a case by case basis.  


Many tests can be performed on site to provide indicators as to what may have occorred under a certain set of circumstances.  Some of these field tests can be used to detect drugs, semen, blood stains and certain accelerants in the case of fire.  These samples can be secured for complete laboratory analysis including complete DNA profiles and chemical assays.


If necessary, we can document infidelity and adulterous matters.  This can be done through observation / surveillance and various other means at our disposal.  Oftentimes custody becomes a very serious issue.  We are able to monitor activities to prove the worthiness of a parent to be a custodial parent.


After a fire loss, whether it is a major structure fire or a car fire, the cause and origin of the fire is needed for the homeowner, fire department, and insurance carriers.  Determining if a fire was accidental, incendiary or explosive is nesessary for civil, criminal or subrogation claims.